Do Not Play
Nuff said, leave these cards in your hand

You need this card to win

Robin Hood
If Merry Men is also in your hand at the End of Play take 1 card from each opponent

Merry Men
Without Robin Hood also in your hand at the End of Play give all cards to the player with the least cards other than yourself

Head of the Family
You do not want to have this card

Gold Fever
With this card in hand you cannot win the game with less than 3 Gold cards.  If only this card and Gold cards are in hand at the end of your own turn, you automatically win!

Play To Use
Put these cards in play from your hand to use them, note that all PTU cards STACK

Take 1 card from an opponent and remove it from game
Take 1 card from an opponent of choice
Loan Shark
Demand one PTU of DNP card from the player of your choice.  They choose the card.
Play To Use Continuous
These PTU cards can be played again from your In Play area.

Spoiled Brat
Call out the opponent holding the Head of the Family and take 1 card from them if successful
Phantom Thief
Demand a specific card from an opponent, if you use this card 2 turns in a row remove it from the game
Play To Use Special
These PTU cards have special requirements in order to play them.

Thieves Guild
Only play after playing all 5 other PTU cards.  Look at every opponent's hand and take 1 card of choice from each

Play When Taken
If an opponent takes these cards you can choose to activate the cards' abilities on your next turn

Reclaim Trojan to place in your in play area, also take 1 card from the opponent.  You must call out which number was taken from you

Little Bomb
Remove this and 2 other cards in your opponent's hand from the game

Big Bomb
Remove opponent's entire hand from the game, reaching End of Play.