Start game with 7 cards per player

First Person to Play a PTU card goes first

Rotate turns to the left

On your turn either:
    Play a Play To Use (PTU) card
    Use a continuous (∞) PTU card that you have already played 
Activate a Play When Taken (PWT) card
Draw a card from the deck
End of Play
When a player no longer has cards in hand at the end of any player's turn
When player auto-wins by means of the Gold Fever card
To Lose:
No longer have any cards in hand at the end of any player's turn
Have the Merry Men card but not Robin Hood card in hand at end of play
Have Gold Fever, less than 3 Gold cards, and any other cards in hand at end of play

To Win:
Have the most  Gold cards at end of play
Have Gold Fever, 3 Gold cards, and more Gold cards than other players
Have Gold Fever and only Gold cards in hand at end of own turn

note: in the event that there is a tie for most Gold cards, then whoever has the most cards in hand and in play is the winner
Additional Rules
When playing any cards you must call out the card type and who you are using it against.

PTU cards Stack.  In other words, the second Pickpocket card you play requires you to take 2 cards from a single opponent, the fourth Loan Shark requires you to demand 4 cards, etc.

Backfire:  If you demand a specific card or card type, activate a Little Bomb card that is either called by the wrong number or no longer held by the taker, accuse a player of holding Head of the Family when they do not, or are caught miscalling a card.  In this event then the number of cards you intended to gain from an opponent are now taken from you by that same opponent.  Any other cheating caught allows 3 cards to be taken from you at random and removed from the game.

Kickstarter Exclusive Rules
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